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Software and web developer, husband, father, cat wrangler, writer, runner, coffee drinker, retro video games player. Pizza solves most things.

As the world around us accelerates, the cloud helps us keep pace, achieve more, and focus on the future

If you ask a typical project manager how their day is going, more often than not they will draw the analogy of a circus plate-spinning act — where a performer runs back and forth in an increasingly frantic manner — trying to prevent plates falling to the floor. During the final moments before the inevitable loss of a perfectly good dinner service, strategy devolves into “just in time” disaster prevention. It’s a great analogy because it illustrates the finite resource in the situation — the human.

Through many times in my life I have struggled to find the place where being a good person ends, and friendship begins — and where friendship ends and love begins.

Those who know me a little may well see by turns an idealist, a clown, flashes of intelligence, or even idiocy at times. Those closest to me perhaps know another person — the person who lifts when others are down — who includes when others are excluded — who tries to fix when others are broken. You might call it the pursuit of happiness in others.

Observations, tips, and advice on the journey from couch potato to five-kilometer fitness fanatic

Over the last several years I have accompanied a number of people as they have begun their running journey — either training for specific events or just trying to get fit. I thought it might be interesting to record a few observations about running that might be useful to others setting out on similar paths.

Why the open-source movement was embraced by the global software development community, and continues to shape the world

I have been fortunate to work as a software developer for the better part of thirty years. Throughout that time I have been a witness to history — seeing the rise and fall of countless organisations, technologies, and computing platforms.

It never occurred to me that I should have been looking for ways to do less.

For many years I have tinkered with all manner of productivity hacks — from paper task lists, to mobile apps, websites, and so on — I even read some of the more famous books, such as “Getting Things Done”, and “The 24 Hour Work Week”. I spent years finding ways to fit more into each day. It never occurred to me that I should have been looking for ways to do less.

Lockdown opened my eyes

I think perhaps the lockdowns of the last year have brought into focus just how crazy the world we knew really was. We never stopped to consider that…

How open standards are slowly unshackling the commercial world from a technology lock-in hell of it’s own making

The invention of the walled garden

When Samuel Wyatt invented the “walled garden” in the 1700s to grow fruit and vegetables, who would have imagined that two hundred and fifty years later his invention would come to embody a nightmare that has slowed commercial technological progress potentially more than any other factor?

A guiding light

In the early 1990s, Tim Berners…

As the first party publications come to an end, what next for the great content publication experiment?

Earlier this week I read a story written by a journalist castigating Ev Williams for announcing that Medium are pivoting away from employing a team of journalists and editors to run a number of “first party” publications on the platform.

Lunchtime thoughts about life, the past, the future, and the path we take along the way.

While sending messages back and forth with a friend this morning, it struck me that life can be compared to a “choose your own adventure” book.

The magic of the internet reduces distance to a voice in our ear, a face in our hand, and hope in our heart.

I have been thinking this evening about the friends I have made around the internet during the time I have been writing an online journal. All sorts of people, from all over the world. Younger people, older people, different races, religions, cultures and backgrounds.

Look for the quiet people on the periphery. They don’t get a chance in the sun because the ass-hats stole the sun-loungers.

Falling off the internet bike

Over the course of the last several months, after vanishing from the internet for entire days (I know, shocking!), on my return I have sheepishly remarked about having “fallen off the internet bike”.

Jonathan Beckett

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