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Software and web developer, husband, father, cat wrangler, writer, runner, coffee drinker, retro video games player. Pizza solves most things.

When you divorce yourself from the influence and interference of social media, writing becomes a pleasure rather than a chore.

The reciprocation cancer

How the spirit behind agile development has been lost, and how we might rediscover it once more.

The waterfall legacy

Web development requires a village, and it has done for quite some time.

The story of moving a project from a requirement, through discovery, understanding, documentation, development, and delivery

Starting from a requirement

The importance of listening

Over the past year I have been on something of a stop start running escapade. These are some of the stories of that year.

Running in the Morning

As the world around us accelerates, the cloud helps us keep pace, achieve more, and focus on the future

Through many times in my life I have struggled to find the place where being a good person ends, and friendship begins — and where friendship ends and love begins.

Observations, tips, and advice on the journey from couch potato to five-kilometer fitness fanatic

Why the open-source movement was embraced by the global software development community, and continues to shape the world

It never occurred to me that I should have been looking for ways to do less.

Lockdown opened my eyes

Jonathan Beckett

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