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Sharing thoughts about the company I work for, my typical working day, the challenges I face, and what I get up to away from work.

What is the first thing you do when you start work?

Mornings in our house are quite manic. I have three daughters — two of which are still in education — so mornings often turn into a chaotic race to get them out the door, and clear the ensuing wreckage throughout the kitchen before sitting down to start my day. While working from home over the last year I have also been trying to get out running too — so invariably arrive home from a run on a morning right in the middle of a pretty accurate recreation of the Juno beach landings.

What do you do in a normal day? Or how do you like to plan your day?

I spend the majority of my day writing code, drawing diagrams to help make sense of code I need to write, talking to co-workers to sanity check ideas, or writing documents to accompany customer project work. While working on projects, the day tends to plan itself — the screen becomes littered with wire-frame diagrams, notes, and fragments of programming. Over the last few years I have been using a paper “Bullet Journal” to plan each day — but just recently I have been experimenting with online applications such as Notion. I find myself relying on Microsoft To Do, Evernote, and Lucid Charts more and more with each passing month.

What is the most interesting part of your job?

Inventing new things. I’m often tasked with talking to clients about their requirements, and proposing ways in which we might be able to help them. This can often start with scribbled drawings, and within days or weeks turn into prototype systems.

What is your biggest frustration? Or what challenges do you face on a daily basis?

The biggest frustration I commonly face is lack of documentation. While we strive internally to document source code, and provide notes for future custodians of the projects we work on, unfortunately the same isn’t always true of some of the commercial products the world relies on. Given the rate of change in our industry it’s not surprising — it’s just frustrating, because we always want to empower our clients to use the latest features and functionality provided by platforms — and they are often the least well understood, documented, or explained.

What is the best thing about working for Deltascheme?


What do you do when you get home after work?

Away from work I try to go running a couple of times a week — it helps me switch off from everything. When not helping with my daughters college homework or doing chores, I can either be found writing, playing board games, watching terrible movies, or tinkering with retro video games.

Software and web developer, husband, father, cat wrangler, writer, runner, coffee drinker, retro video games player. Pizza solves most things.

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